why wait???

Posted: December 6, 2008 in islam is my way



Dear friends

You are the jewels of tomorrow

The hope of ummah

You are here to equip yourselves

For the oncoming role

That will make you

The champion of humanity

Learning, is not easy task

It will not be laid before you on-a silver platter

With condiments or garnishes


The days when you learnt to walked

How you fell, you cried

It was hard, painful

Yet, you got up, continued on

You shed painful tears

But you didn’t stop

Alas! Now, why you don’t strive as hard

You give up easily

You stall your duties

You allow mirages to fool you

My friends… polish yourselves

Discard the shroud that is engulfing your thought

And blurring your visions

But, how?…. Yes, how?

My friends.. the question need no elucidation

You!… have been told

You!…. know the answer

Only…. you are just too insolent

To make the different

Too engrossed in dreams ad mists unreality..

Wake up!!! Shape up!!!

Do not procrastinate a moment longer

Proceed on the task that has long been left idle

Do what you must do..


Wait not, anymore…


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