stand up –> bangun utk semangat berjuang!!

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

tbe2 rs rindu nk dgr nasyid2 perjuangan ni..
dis is one of my favourite nasyid to raise my spirit up..


“قم يا فلان فأذن أنه لا يدخل الجنة الا مؤمن”
“ان الله يؤيد الدين برجل فاجر”

Oh you stand up! say it together
None enters paradise save a true believer
Allah shall support this religion
With a sinful man with a wicked man

Some people see barriers
In classes and in colours
Some people are wiser
But some believe they are hollier

Feel the heart of everyone
See through our differences
You and I have the power
Think good of one another

So stand up and take our places
And do what we do better
Spend sometime to know ourselves
Help the other

p/s : seriously, everytime dgr nasyeed ni, rs nk berdiri dan bersemangat!! yeaaaaa, i’ll stand up to “do what we do better, know myself n help d other”…insyaAllah..
enjoying listening dis nasyeed..

  1. hendra says:

    amiin ya alloh ya rosululloh………..

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